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Due to our current market, at this time we're only able to give accurate pricing and availability for move-in dates within the next 60 DAYS.

*Studios starting at $1700 and up.
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Moving On from Apartment Living? 4 Ways to Save Money When Furnishing Your New Home

two cats playing in cardboard boxes, moving to a new house

After many years of renting, you are finally ready to move on. You are tired of paying all that money every month, only to end up with nothing more than a box full of rent receipts. So you have scrimped and saved, piling up cash to put toward that all important down payment. You have worked with a qualified mortgage lender and teamed up with a great real estate agent, and now the big day has finally arrived.

Now that you have the keys to your first home in hand, you are facing another challenge – how to furnish all those rooms. Moving up from a one- or two-bedroom apartment to a three- or four-bedroom home can be an expensive undertaking, one that many first-time homeowners are unprepared for.

As a first-time homeowner, you need to prioritize your spending, and that starts with making sure you have enough in the bank to cover the mortgage payments and keep the lights on. That means every dollar you save on home furnishings brings you on step closer to that goal, and here are four easy ways to furnish your home for less.

Moving day concept, cardboard carton boxes stack with household belongings in modern house living room, packed containers on floor in new home, relocation, renovation, removals and delivery service

#1. Check Out the Local Thrift Stores

There is absolutely nothing wrong with furnishing your first home with thrift store finds. In fact, you just might find that the furniture in those stores is better constructed, longer lasting an certainly less expensive than anything you could find at a local retailer.

Think of thrift shopping as a king of treasure hunt, one filled with unexpected finds and some truly amazing bargains. Whether you pick up a single piece on each journey or furnish your home in one fell swoop, you are sure to save a ton of money. Some thrift shops even offer delivery, so you may not have to bother your truck owning friends.

#2. Shop the Classifieds

When you are furnishing your first home, skip the high priced stores and shop at the neighboring houses instead. Whether you shop the classifieds online or go old school and pick up the newspaper, you can find some amazing deals.

If you have good negotiating skills you may be able to save even more. The asking price is rarely the final price in the world of classified ads, so do not be afraid to ask for a better deal.

#3. Drive Around on Bulk Pickup Day

The best things in life are free, and sometimes that includes some amazing furniture. When your wealthier neighbors upgrade their homes, they may not want to bother with classified ads or charitable donations; instead they just place their unwanted items by the curb when bulk pickup day rolls around.

If you beat the bulk pickup collector to the punch, you could pick up some great furniture for the best price of all – totally free. Depending on where you live, you may be amazed at the treasures just waiting for the taking.

#4. Furnish One Room at a Time

There is no rule that you have to furnish your entire home at once. If you have extra rooms that will not be seeing much use, feel free to leave them bare until you have extra cash to spend.

Instead of trying to furnish the entire house with money you do not have, focus on the most important spaces first. That will no doubt mean a comfy couch for the living room, a great bed for the bedroom and a sturdy table and chairs for the dining room. Once those basics are taken care of, you can work on furnishing the remaining rooms one step, and one item, at a time.

Many first-time homeowners underestimate the expenses they will face when furnishing their new abodes. Those hidden costs can take a toll on those first timers, but there are ways to save if you know how to shop and where to look. The four money saving strategies listed above can get you started, so you can enjoy your beautifully furnished home and still have money left over for the mortgage.