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Due to our current market, at this time we're only able to give accurate pricing and availability for move-in dates within the next 60 DAYS.

*Studios starting at $1700 and up.
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Making Your Home Office Work for You: Four Things You Need

Whether you live in a house with a dedicated office space or you have a small apartment where you need to make your living room double as your office, there are several elements you need to include in your workspace to optimize your productivity.

1. Technology

For most remote workers these days, it’s not necessary to have a fax machine or a landline since there are apps that can turn your Gmail account into a virtual fax machine and software like Google Workspace to make it easy to collaborate with other employees.

Since almost everything for your remote work can be done online, you should ensure your smart devices are up to date. Regularly updating your software and installing malware protection are essential steps. You should also make sure your laptop, tablet, and smartphone have synchronized apps to ensure you can access work data from anywhere. You may even want to invest in a faster internet connection.

2. Workspace

Every home office needs a desk, even if your desk will be in your bedroom or living area. While your dining room table can double as a work desk in a pinch, there is a psychological benefit in having a dedicated space for business. Not only does a desk give you a place to organize all of your work materials, but it also allows you to “leave” work when you’re done for the day.

Your desk should fit your home space comfortably. Many people like standing desks, which can be set to different heights if you want to sit at a chair or complete your work standing up. Basic organization materials like pen holders, cubbies, and filing bins are also important. Make sure to set up your desk near natural light and have a lamp on hand so you can comfortably see your work throughout the day.

3. Environment

Inevitably, when you work at home, you might run into novel noise distractions that you might not have in an office setting. From kids to construction, noise pollution can seriously disturb your workflow and reduce your production. It’s best to have a quiet environment for your home office. For some people, this could mean purchasing noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs; for others, this could mean working while the kids are asleep or during nap time.

4. Movement

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to chain yourself to your home office for the entirety of your shift. In fact, doing so might be detrimental to your health. Just like when you work at an office, you should have periodic breaks when you work from home. The most important part of taking a break is getting up and moving around.

Many people feel much more productive after stretching and walking around for 10 to 15 minutes every couple of hours. But if you want to get more movement while you are at your desk, you can invest in a walking pad or under-desk cycler. Keeping your body moving throughout the day will save you from a totally sedentary lifestyle.

Remote work is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. To be as productive as possible at your home office, you need to make sure your work-from-home set-up is working for you. From updating your technology to organizing a functional desk to ensuring you are getting enough movement throughout the day, meeting all of these needs will ensure your remote work productivity is high.

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