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Due to our current market, at this time we're only able to give accurate pricing and availability for move-in dates within the next 60 DAYS.

*Studios starting at $1700 and up.
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10 Moving Tips for Successful High-End Apartment Living


When you walk through a high-end apartment complex in Dallas, TX, you will meet people from all walks of life. Some of your fellow residents are recent retirees looking for a simpler and maintenance-free lifestyle. Others are young couples embarking on exciting new lives together. Still, others are new graduates working at their first jobs, anxious to make a mark on the world around them.

What those disparate individuals all have in common is moving. Every one of your fellow residents came from somewhere else, and they all face the same moving day challenges. You can learn a lot from those residents, gleaning moving tips that will make your new life and lifestyle even more satisfying. Here are 10 timely moving tips that will get your high-end apartment lifestyle off to the best possible start.

1. Downsize ahead of time – if you are moving from a larger home, downsizing now will make your move easier. Go through your possessions carefully, jettisoning everything that does not bring joy and value to your life.

2. Create an inventory for each room – having an inventory of your possessions will make moving day easier – and simplify getting renter’s insurance later.

3. Make a checklist – having a checklist to work against will make the move go more smoothly, so take a minute to write it all out.

4. Plan ahead – the sooner you start planning, the easier moving day will be. Know what you need to do when, and use your calendar to stay on track.

5. Be ready for the unexpected – a last-minute snag could derail your carefully laid plans, but not if you are ready. Understand that there will be unexpected bumps along the way, so work some wiggle room into your moving day plans.

6. Pack a moving day carry bag – with the rest of your stuff in boxes, it is important to have the essentials close at hand. From toiletries and prescription medications to snacks and a bottle of wine, fill your go bag with the stuff you will need on moving day.

7. Make moving day a celebration – you will need the help of friends on moving day, so make the occasion a party. When you are settled into your new high-end apartment complex, you can order pizza, drink some wine and just enjoy your new surroundings.

8. Coordinate with your new landlord – make sure the owner of the apartment complex knows when you will be moving in and how you will be getting your possessions into your new home.

9. Measure for space – you do not want to move anything that will not fit into your new space, so make sure you have accurate measurements for every room in the apartment.

10. Treat yourself when the move is over – moving is hard work, so make plans to pamper yourself when it is done. A day at the spa, a road trip with friends or a romantic dinner in your new apartment can all help you relax and unwind after all that hard work.

Moving day can be stressful, but there are things you can do to make it better. The 10 tips listed above can help you get off to a great start, so you can enjoy your new high-end apartment complex and make lots of new and interesting friends.

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